Kyouko-sama Wants To Get Laid!(恭子さまはハメられたい!)

DLSite English:
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Kyoko Adachi is broke. Her wallet’s empty and her phone bill is waiting!
She needs money to go to the tanning salon. So she decides to sell her body!

Erotic Pixel Animation:
Characters and animations are pixelated! Over 1000 pieces of pixel art!
160 different patterns, each one drawn by an experience pixel artist!
Also includes threesomes!

As rumors of Kyoko’s prostitution spreads, more customers come!

When the rumors reach 100, you can visit the business district to fuck older guys!
The older the guy is, the more money they pay…

Make them cum to earn more used condoms. (Condoms reset after leaving the stage).

Spend money on the in-game gacha to collect pixel cards and outfits!

1) Created in Unity
2) 1200×800 Resolution
3) Fully voiced by Pako Shirakawa
4) Leave Kyoko alone and she’ll look at her phone and lose some of her slut energy…
5) Increase your reputation to 100 in both locations to unlock gallery mode
6) Updates may be released in the future…
7) Includes all sorts of lewd stuff, from blowjobs to cowgirl sex!
8) Also includes creampies!
9) Controlled completely with the mouse! Keep that other hand free!

English patch

Update May 21 2020: First release of the patch

English patch version 0.1 (this is the version of the patch not the game). Please buy it or pirate elsewhere.
Patch status : All conversations are translated. This comes with a manual for untranslated buttons.
Due to this use Unity engine, it’s a little more difficult to patch.

I decided not to monetize with any URL shorten site because they always want to hijack and abuse push notification of your browser. Just deny all if any shorten site asks you. Honestly, I hate the shorten link affiliate
In the future, I may have affiliate with DLsite. At that time buying game helps the studio and help me too.

Installation guide

Copy resources.assets to the corresponding folder, overwrite existing file.
(軽量版) means light weight version which is smaller in file size

The patch contains only 1 Unity resources file so it’s not virus. Just scan them to make sure. Leave me a comment if you have trouble.

Come back for more updates.

Bugs, FAQ, Support

Tell me if this patch does not work.

3 thoughts on “Kyouko-sama Wants To Get Laid!(恭子さまはハメられたい!)

      1. I’m sorry for the late reply. It’s in the 恭子さまはハメられたい!v4\Game\恭子様はハメられたい!_Data folder. Or you can search in the game folder for the file name “resources.assets” and overwrite it. I spend time to create this patch so I want people can use it. Tell me if this works.

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