When I reincarnated I’m in the demon world (Disgaea Parody) 転生したら魔界でした!

DLSite English: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/dlaf/=/t/m/link/work/aid/rance/id/RJ292115.html

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35 years old me…
When I wake up I am a young boy in Disgaea world.
What should I do now ?
Should I go back my real world or enjoy living in this world with many loli girls?

Multiple choices lead to multiple endings.
RTS gameplay (like old FFVII)

English patch

Updated August 11 2020:

English patch version 0.1 (this is the version of the patch not the game). Please buy it or pirate elsewhere.

Patch status :
All conversation is translated.
Menu and UI is translated.
Review until Abyss Forest quest.

Link v0.1:

I decided not to monetize with any URL shorten site because they always want to hijack and abuse push notification of your browser. Just deny all if any shorten site asks you. Honestly, I hate the shorten link affiliate
In the future, I may have affiliate with DLsite. At that time buying game helps the studio and help me too.

Installation guide

For PC

Step 1: Copy www folder to <Game Folder>\www. Overwrite any existing files. Only copy and overwrite existing files. If you delete the folder \www before copying, you will miss some files.
These are json data files so it’s not virus. Just scan them to make sure. Leave me a comment if you have trouble.
Step 2: Open the original data\System.json file, look for “encryptionKey”:xxxxx…xxx for example “encryptionKey”:”3337381473e04c05fafc4db52fac78cd“.
Copy the xxxxx…xxx parts and replace it in the “encryptionKey” of the translated System.json.
Copy System.json to <Game Folder>\www\data and overwrite the existing file

This time, I put the translated System.json file separated so if you find it difficult to do step 2 you can skip it. But menu will be in Japanese.

Come back for more updates. I will review and edit every week in my free time.

Bugs, FAQ, Support

Sometimes, it will say you are missing a file. Please email me that file name. My email is: hentairanch{at]gmail[dot}com

If you want to fix “can not load xxx.json” error temporarily, copy that file from the original installer of dlsite to folder \www\data. Of course, it will contains Japanese.

If you encounter Missing / Can not open files error, you can do one of these solutions:

Solution 1 (thanks to Zyts) is a little advance:
Open the original data\System.json file, look for "encryptionKey":xxxxx...xxx for example "encryptionKey":"3337381473e04c05fafc4db52fac78cd.
Copy the xxxxx...xxx parts and replace it in the "encryptionKey" of the translated System.json

Solution 2 is easy but has fallacy:
Just copy the original System.json to the folder data\
It will work but now the main menu is in Japanese.

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