Middle Aged Man Goes Strawberry Picking in the Park (公園おじさんのいちご狩り)

DLSite English: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/dlaf/=/t/m/link/work/aid/rance/id/RJ297696.html

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Girls still waiting for their parents to show up get invited to a mysterious man’s house…
There, once a month, a “play event” is held,
where the girls’ soft bodies are put on display for high-paying customers…

An isolation & sexual training simulation game! “Night Play” with girls in the park begins!

Kana (CV: Itsuki Igarashi): A girl that loves to play on the steel bars.
Sara (CV: Yuu Shimotsuki): A energetic, suntanned girl.
Azuki (CV: Otoha Iroha): A heroine of justice, who is also skilled at cooking.
Maron (CV: Tsubame Yuzuki): A heroine of justice who keeps the peace together with Azuki.
Mai (CV: Yufu Hanamikawa): Her tiny mini-skirt brings all the boys to the yard.
Isami (CV: Kanau Hoshiumi ): A boyish girl that loves sports.

* See all the girls get toyed with, and filled with the cum of lusty men!
* All H scenes are animated!
* Cross-section toggle / SFX toggle / BGM toggle functionality included!

English patch

Updated September 29 2020:

English patch version 0.1 (this is the version of the patch not the game, the game version is 1.0.1). Please buy it or pirate elsewhere.
Status: Menus and Playground map are translated
H-conversation are MTL.
Bonus RPG and Bomberman mini-game is not translated yet.

Link v0.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V8Wagb86Lfk2DmoGsan6L6UauQ3Cww-1/view?usp=sharing

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Installation guide

For PC
Step 1: Extract game data
You will find only one file which is abnormal for this kind of game. So we have to extract it into many files. If you download it from the machine translated version on f95 then you can skip this step.
Step 1-A: Download WolfDec.exe from here
(thanks to sinflower. Use Virustotal.com to check again it if you’re still hesitate)
Step 1-B: Copy “WolfDec.exe” to the game folder.
Step 1-C: Rename the file Data.wolf to Data.wolf.bak
Step 1-D: Drag and drop the file Data.wolf.bak to WolfDec.exe. A black command line window will popup and run. Wait for it to finish. It will create a folder named Data.wolf
Step 1-E: Rename the folder Data.wolf to Data only. Now you can keep the file Data.wolf.bak or delete it to save space.

Step 2: Apply patch
Copy the folder Data in the extracted patch file to the game folder, overwrite existing file.

Bugs, FAQ, Support

If you found a bug please email to : hentairanch{at]gmail[dot}com.

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